Thanksgiving  Menu



Rommel Salad - Spring Mix, Avocado, Goat Cheese, Sun-Dried Cranberries, Candied Fire Dried Pecans, Hearts of Palm, Baby Corn, Julienne Carrots, Cucumber, White Sugar Cane Dressing  w/ 1 quart of dressing

Small feeds (8-12pp)  $38.00

Medium feeds (15-18pp)  $45.00

Large feeds (25-30pp)  $68.00 



Gumbo Ya Ya w/ Sausage & Chicken w/ White Rice (per gallon)  $90.00, (1/2 gallon) $45.00

Seafood Gumbo W/Shrimp,  Crab & Okra w/White Rice (per gallon) 105.00, (1/2 gallon) $52.00

Oyster & Artichoke (per gallon) $110.00, (1/2 gallon) $55.00

Butternut Squash Soup  (per gallon) $80.00 , (1/2 gallon) $40.00


Creole Roasted Pork Tenderloin  (feeds approx 15 -18pp) $78.00

Honey Glazed Ham with Glaze $58.00.

*Turkey Prices are estimated & subject to change $5-$10

Small (Hen) Whole Roasted Turkey  (10-14 lbs) w/  Quart of Giblet Gravy  $60.00 

Large (Tom Tom) Whole Roasted Turkey 18-25lbs w/ 2 Quarts of Giblet Gravy $95.00

Slow Roasted Sliced Brisket w/Gravy (appox. 9lbs) $135.00 *Approximate Price*

Sous Vide Sliced Boneless Turkey Breast (appox. 10lbs) $95.00, (5lbs.) $55.00

Slow Roasted Turkey Breast (approx. 10lbs.) $95.00

Whole Marinated Filet w/2 dozen rolls, horseradish $175.00



*Pans will accommodate approximately 12-15 people

Fresh Jumbo Boiled Gulf Shrimp (approx. 110-115 shrimp) w/ Remoulade Sauce & Cocktail Sauce $125 approx.

Candied Sweet Potato Soufflé with Brandy, Pecans, Orange Peel & Brown Sugar Topping $40.00

Crawfish/Crabmeat/ Portobello Cheesecake served w/ Crustinis $75.00

Cornbread & Andouille Stuffing $44.00

Shrimp & Crabmeat Stuffed Bell Peppers w/Shrimp Cream Sauce $10 (per 2 halves)

Green Bean Casserole $38.00

Macaroni ‘N Cheese w/ Bucatini Pasta $45.00

Mixed Grilled Vegetables (per person) $4.95

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes $42.00

Oyster Dressing $48.00

Artichoke Dressing $48.00

Shrimp & Mirliton Casserole $54.00

Boudin Rice Dressing $48.00

Fresh Homemade Cranberry sauce per quart $18.00, 1/2 quart $8.00

Turkey Giblet Gravy (per quart) $15.00   

Dinner rolls (per dozen) $3.50


Chocolate Ganache Brownies $2.50/each

3' Mini Pecan Pies  $2.50 each

Pecan Pie $18.00  

Pecan Squares $2.25/each

Sweet Potato Pie $18.00

Banana Cream Pie $18.00

Coconut Cream Pie $18.00

White Chocolate Bread Pudding w/ Anglaise Sauce (per 1/2pan) $75.00

Traditional Bread Pudding w/Sauce (per1/2 pan) $68.00